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Content is what and how you communicate with your target customers. It is that perfect mix of what you want to say and what they want to hear. Content is what fuels your marketing campaigns, what your customers engage with, and what drives traffic to your website – converting visitors to leads, customers to brand advocates.

Our content marketing services

Content is king, as they say. This only works if the content is highly targeted to your specific audience, crafted with information that they need that is both informative and entertaining. Some businesses fall into the trap of creating content for content’s sake. Thinking that a sheer bulk of content would be enough to establish a solid marketing campaign – this is rarely the case though. Quantity surely helps, but quality remains top priority. To get content marketing right, Buzz Digital can help. If you are not sure where to begin or if the content you are producing is not bringing the results that you need, drop us a hello and we’ll it from there! Wondering what kinds of content marketing services are possible? Below is a quick overview.


Lounge on the internet long enough and eventually, someone will stumble into a blog. In the big online world, blogs are comparable to cities that users visit and explore. A blog can either be about a generic topic or a very specific niche. There are blogs for businesses and there are personal blogs where people share regular snippets of their lives. Backed with a team of content creators, Buzz Digital can help you regularly release content that is fresh, engaging, and shareable. Starting from developing a content strategy with your buyer personas in mind to choosing blog titles and even optimization of content for SEO – we can handle all these and more for you. We write content enjoyed by human readers and loved by search engines. What does this mean?

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Well, aside from blogging there is also SEO Content Writing!

With SEO content writing, both the content in your website and its blogs are covered. As blogs are created to be enjoyed by readers, there is further work to be done on the back end. Website content and blogs are optimized to bring it to the top pages of search engine results page and drive more traffic into your website. Included in content optimization are keyword research, incorporation of these keywords into your content, and actual on-page optimization such as meta tags. The trick is doing all of these without compromising content readership. First, we plan the content with SEO elements in mind, craft the content for your target customers, and then optimize it for search engines. It’s just win-win for everyone and that’s the sweetest deal! After the content creation, what’s next?

Once your content is ready, we can move on to publishing and promotion. We can send over the content for your perusal or we can also manage the uploading in your website. It is also highly recommended to push your content further to social media and other digital marketing channels. In order to maximize your content, these can be coupled together with Google Ads (PPC), social media ads, and with Call-to-Action campaigns in your website. Depending on your current goal and the main purpose of your content, Buzz Digital provides analytics data on the content that was created. This will help us determine whether the campaign has been successful, what were the best parts of it, and which parts didn’t work. This wealth of data allows us to execute better campaigns with better results for the next campaign. Analytics reports are sent monthly, with a specific breakdown of the results. Also, worry not! We won’t just be sending an exported file with graphs and data for you to worry about. Our reports include analysis and recommendations, providing some suggested next steps to even bring your brand further content marketing success.

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We offer our services for many different industries including

  • Cleaning Companies
  • Travel Industry
  • Medical Practices
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Bank & Finance Companies
  • Legal Firms
  • Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Blockchain Marketing
  • Home Improvement
  • Start Up Companies
  • Transportation & Storage
We offer a full suite of online marketing solutions, including web design and development, SEO, website hosting, social media marketing as well as e-commerce services, to a diverse portfolio of clients.