Conversion Rate Optimization

In any campaign, one of the most important components is the landing page. As inbound marketing works by driving people into your site, the page where they make their decision is critical. You only have a few seconds to convert your website visitors to customers and all this happens in your landing page. Depending on the goal of your campaign, there are best practices to consider in designing and creating landing pages. To begin with, these include the design form, the actual content, and of course, the Call-to-Action (CTA) button. In addition to converting your visitors, the landing page also helps measure the conversion rate of your website and the campaign. Continuous A/B testing is done as well to maximize the performance of the campaign and to see what works best with your audience. With inbound marketing, it is of prime importance that your landing pages are aligned with what your brand wants to offer. The messaging must be clear, the design engaging, there shouldn’t be any distractions or deterrents that will discourage your customers to convert. Your landing page must inspire and encourage your target audience to interact with your brand and move further into their customer journey.

Our Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization Services

At Buzz Digital, our years of experience as digital marketing professionals allow us to effectively run inbound marketing campaigns and measure results. We utilize landing page strategies that generate quality leads and convert customers. By understanding your brand and campaign goals, we can help you design and create landing pages that drive conversion. From the actual design to the content and the creation of the landing page, we can handle these and more.

It might seem simple from the surface – just creating another page on your website where people can sign up, subscribe, download something, or make a purchase. However, since this is where the main interaction actually happens, it makes sense to spend time on these particular pages and make them work for you. Included in landing page best practices are strategic website elements and proper placements, contact details with integrated Google call tracking, customer testimonials for added brand reliability, to name a few.

On the other hand, if you are already familiar with landing pages but want to see better results, Buzz Digital can also help improve your campaign. There are existing platforms such as HubSpot, Unbounce, Marketo, WordPress, and more, that businesses use for their landing pages. Just let us on the details of your campaign and we can take it from there.

And, it doesn’t end there! Integrating your CRM into the landing pages is another important step in inbound marketing. With CRM integration, it will be easier to organize the data your campaign has gathered. Instantly, your customer information is captured and recorded in the system, allowing you to further communicate with them, nurture them as your customers, and continuously build relationships with them. Eventually, your first time and one time customers can be converted into brand ambassadors!

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