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Facebook – this social media giant has over one billion users everyday. Now, that is a pool of consumers that you would surely want to connect with. The great thing is that Facebook strongly supports businesses and its packed with features that can help your marketing be more easy, fun, and effective. To make the most of Facebook and its massive users, Facebook Marketing is the way to go. As the name suggests, Facebook Marketing is maximizing Facebook to reach your target customers. These are organic ways of marketing on Facebook and there are also paid options, each with different sets of objectives and features depending on your campaign. There are advertising options that allow you to generate leads within Facebook itself, there are Call-to-Action buttons that drive traffic to your site, and there are also campaigns designed to increase the social media community that you have for your brand. In this day and age of the internet, Facebook Marketing is truly a strong marketing platform that businesses should take advantage of. It is not just creating accounts and posting once in a while though!

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Pretty much just like Google, Facebook has its own set of requirements and objectives when it comes to marketing and advertising. It is important to incorporate Facebook Marketing practices, including using the correct images, adhering to Facebook’s image requirements, using the correct Call-to-Action buttons, setting up the correct target audience, and more. Buzz Digital can help your business create effective campaigns, from conceptualization to execution down to the reporting of results. You don’t have to worry about dealing with Facebook Ads Manager or wondering why your ads to sell are simply just not working. It is also time to say goodbye to ads that get likes from random people and comments that have a rather spammy feel to it! Buzz Digital will work closely with your brand, providing suggestions and recommendations on how to make Facebook Marketing work for your business.

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But really though, why should you invest in Facebook Marketing?

Aside from its massive users of over one billion, just waiting to engage with your brand – below are other advantages of marketing in this social media platform. It’s just too good to pass up on!

Impressive Advertising and Sales Platform

Facebook has taken upon itself to provide a fun and efficient platform for advertisers and marketers. Its huge pool of users and the built-in features, together with other third-party services make Facebook a haven for businesses who want to connect with their customers. Facebook Marketing gives your business significant reach and engagement, a boost in website traffic, and a venue where your target customers can interact with your brand. In fact, some of the most effective Facebook campaigns manage to convert customers right within the platform! Of course, this is still highly dependent on what your business offers and the online behavior of your potential clients.

A Channel to Build a Strong Online Presence and Boost Brand Awareness

As Facebook has such a huge following, advertising in it already gives you the advantage of pushing for brand awareness. The great news about this is that it works both for new businesses looking to set up their presence online, as well as existing brands who want to further strengthen their online following. Through strategic Facebook campaigns, you can also acquire data that will help your business predict market share, understand your customers better and see what they are looking for, as well as analyze how your brand fare against competitors.

Customers Services and Engagement

Since Facebook is all online, providing immediate customer service and engaging with customers is possible any time, any day. There are also intelligent bots that brands can take advantage of, allowing a 24/7 interaction with customers. Now, that is just convenient both for the business and its clients.

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