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Website design is, well, everything that involves the creation and functionality of your website. These include content, images, colors, layout, graphics, copy, and more. Website design covers the conceptualization of the site to the actual end product that your customers will interact with. An important part of website design is your brand identity. Your website must be an extension of your brand, not a totally different entity from it. The site must be the digital home of your brand, housing everything from text, copy, and campaigns related to your business. This is why deciding on how your website will look like and how it will function is serious business. Buzz Digital is composed of professionals who have been creating and maintaining websites for years. We know the best practices and we are familiar with the technical and aesthetic requirements necessary for a stellar performing website. Creating a website is not just setting up an account, choosing a template-based theme, and uploading content. It involves a robust back-end framework, consistent up time, structured yet user-friendly navigation, and critical elements for conversion such as Call-to-Action buttons, landing pages, and even mobile responsiveness. All these and more are of prime importance in creating a website for your business. Worry not about the little details, as Buzz Digital can handle these for you.

Now, where do we start with Responsive Web Design?

We begin with analyzing the objectives of your website and conceptualizing around these. We start developing the actual design, spending a lot of time optimizing two important aspects — UI and UX. What are these acronyms? UI stands for User Interface, the place where your customers interact with your website, while UX is the User Experience, designed to make the visit to your website efficient, enjoyable, and convenient. Combine these two and your business can surely enjoy a website that is fun to use and packed with information – a place where your customers would want to spend time in. In the big online world of digital marketing, your website is what speaks for your brand when meeting customers. It must complement the personality of your business, highlight its best parts and selling points, and make the experience of interacting with it enjoyable.

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Understanding Mobile Responsiveness

Once the look and feel of your website are finalized, it is also important to ensure its mobile responsiveness. It might look good on a desktop, but how will it render on a smaller screen laptop? On a tablet? And especially on mobile. In one of many many ways that SEO helps your business, it can tell you more about your target customers and their behavior as they interact with your site. Do most of them use a laptop? Or maybe they are avid users through their smartphones? Do you have more android or IOS users? How does your website look in Google Chrome compared on Safari? These are just some of the questions to be asked when creating a website and the best part is that with Buzz Digital, you don’t have to worry about all these. This is what we enjoy doing and with our responsive web design, we guarantee an optimum performing website with a modern and functional design fluidly adapting to any platform that your users might be using.

Speed Optimization

Included in a powerful performing website is its speed load time. We want your customers to stay in the website and enjoy the experience, but if the site takes forever to load – it will be hard to keep the customers. This, in turn, will hurt your site performance and also affect your SEO campaigns. Everything is just connected and this is why we don’t want to have any loose ends with your digital marketing. Our speed optimization and maintenance service include image optimization, browser/server cache, encryption, page optimization, troubleshooting, and more.

eCommerce Platform

Integrating your eCommerce platform of choice on your website is important in order to maximize the online campaigns you’re running for your brand. The conversion happens on the website and by gathering data and analyzing the conversion funnel, your brand can improve loopholes and enjoy better results.

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