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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is technically not rocket science, but it just might as well be. To be in good terms with Google and be favored by this search giant, it is crucial to always be updated with the latest trends. Google itself changes its search and results formula several times a year, taking everyone by surprise. The good news is that with Buzz Digital’s technology and experience through the years, we can turn these events into a positive experience for your brand. Don’t get left behind and take the lead in bringing your brand forward.

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By converting deep analytics data and customer behavior into action plans and customized marketing strategies, we can help make SEO work for you! Increased website visits? ROI? Better Google rankings? All these and more can be achieved through enhanced website architecture optimization, on-site content optimization, building quality links, and developing better public relations. Not sure what these things are? Below are some quick notes.

Site Architecture Optimization

A big part of your website is its structure and architecture. How are the content related to each other? Are the appropriate content linking to the correct pages? Does your website look as good on mobile? What is the overall loading time and size of your website? Does it take a few seconds for everything to show up or is it performing on the slow side? These are just some things to consider in making sure your website is at its best condition — and worry not, we can easily get these going for you. For an overview, a quick site architecture optimization checklist includes the following: canonical errors, redirect chains, duplicate content, duplicate meta data, directives such as no-index and no-follow, 302 redirects, and 404 errors.

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On-Page Content Optimization

Just as your website structure needs to be accurate, the content of each pages must be optimized as well. In the same way that Google prioritizes the reader, we can help your customers reach your content better. On-Page optimization is not just about creating and revising engaging content. It is polishing each page of your website, from the technical back end to optimized images and even adding headers to make it easier for your reader. Other factors that affect On-Page optimization are responsive design, utilizing meta data and tags, optimizing images used for web, inserting alt-tag, choosing SEO friendly URLs, and more.

Off-Page Link Building

In the wide wild world of the internet, links basically work as connections to your customer and the industry you are targeting. The more links you have, the better network you can create, and the easier it is for your customers to find you. Of course, not all links are good links and some might do more harm than good. This is why it is important to invest in high quality links. As we work on improving your website, we also need to push it out into the market for brand awareness and sales opportunity. By analyzing the online behavior of your target customers and keeping in tabs with the latest purchasing trends, we can maximize keyword opportunities for better discovery. We can then create pages specific to these keywords, develop a customized campaign, and bring your brand ahead of everyone.

To begin with off-page link building, we can help you start with social media amplification of links, submissions in niche-targeted and geo-targeted directories, utilization of business citation and business listings sites, guest posting in high authority websites, as well as blog comments and forum interactions in sites related to the particular industry of your brand.

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